20 things to do when business is slow

20 Things to do when business is slow

Every business is slow from time to time, this doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely nothing to do and you can take an extra day to yourself (well not every time anyway) there are still things to be done to keep your business going and reduce your work when things are busy.

  1. Clean your office – If your like me and do a quick tidy every morning then maybe do a deep clean or a clean out of your draws and shelves.
  2. Clean up your computer – This could be anything from old downloaded files, to e-mails to photos.
  3. Start an online store – There are so many different places you can sell your stuff, I sell on redbubble right now which was a great start up idea as there are no initial costs, it’s a bit of fun and gives you another way to make money from your art.
  4. Stock up – If you sell prints and products use this period to stock the shelves with fresh stock and postage items ready to go when things pick up again.
  5. Schedule some social media posts –  Figure out what your social media calendar will be for the month and get shooting. Use a site like buffer or planoly to get them scheduled to save you time later on.
  6. Do some of that all important accounting –  Yes we all hate it but it’s a necessary evil. You can only put it off for so long, I’m doing that right now writing this instead of doing the accounts, maybe just do one month instead of the whole year to get started.
  7. Re-work your branding and your website –  It’s always good to keep your site up to date and inviting and your branding fresh, everyone changes things every now and again. Just don’t do it too often people might get confused.
  8. Update your portfolio – Out with the old in with the new, maybe you changed your style or what you shoot and need to change up what photos you have on your site, on an online portfolio site, an app or even printed.
  9. Try different photography techniques – Keep your skills up to date by giving things a go, it’s better to figure it out before you need to use it, I’m terrible with flash guns so when I can I play around using them in different situations just in case it becomes vital that I need them. Why not try water drop photography or product photography?
  10. Create new products – Expanding your current line of products is a great way to spend your down time.
  11. Network –  There’s thousands of other makers and small business owners that you can connect with on social media. Find a couple that have products who complement yours and reach out to them.
  12. Create email templates and an online signature –  If you regularly email similar information to customers, build a small library of emails to use. Then, when you need one it is just a quick copy and paste and you are done.
  13. Write a blog post/start a blog – It’s a great way to engage with your customers and share how you do things with clients and other photographers alike.
  14. Make a photo book – I’ve found this app called freeprints photo books, it gives you the chance to design a photo book and even get it printed for a low price. Having a little photobook hidden in your bag is a nice way to show off your photos in print.
  15. Go for a photo walk –Grab your camera and get some fresh air to clear your head and show that your still here and doing photos on social media.
  16. Back up your hard drives -If you don’t do this it’s time to start. My hard drives are backed up automatically every so often but then I do it manually to another hard drive just in case something happens to one of the other two I still have one master copy no matter what.
  17. Format your memory cards and charge your batteries –During slow times it’s easy to forget to do this stuff but better safe than sorry, especially if you have as many batteries and cards as I do. It takes no time and will save you annoyances the night before a shoot.
  18. Design new business cards, leaflet or even a t-shirt – Running low on business cards? Design a new one before you order more or try designing a small leaflet to leave at cafes. You could even design a t-shirt or jumper to really up your game or just for fun, I mean who doesn’t want there logo on the back of a jumper it’s a perfect ice breaker.
  19. Watch a class on creativelive – Creative live have so many classes on so many things, a lot are paid for but they do have free classes no matter what they are all amazing. You could even try filming your own tutorial video if you get inspired.
  20. Research marketing ideas – Your business won’t get going again if you just sit around, see what marketing tools you can try, or how you can update what you already do, now your quiet you can try a big marketing campaign that would be too time consuming at busier times.

What do you do when things are quiet? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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