30 day flat lay challenge – fail!

So back in November I tried the 30 flatlay challenge, when I say tried I mean got a week in then got really busy and pushed it to the bottom of the list, safe to say I failed the challenge.

I’d really hoped I could get a cohesive set of images from this challenge and gain a new skill to improve my social media work, what I ended up with is stress, doubt and random images most of which I rushed.

The problem I encountered with this challenge was inspiration, I don’t do a lot of still life and having to stick to a certain style left me bored close to the end.

I did revisit this challenge once work life calmed down but again I faced the same problem of not having any inspiration or drive to finish. The problem was that I’d found flatlay’s I liked and wanted to try but they didn’t fit into the categories, so I thought bugger it and threw the challenge out the window.

These are the results of my trying and failing at flatlay’s once I threw the challenge out the window.

The Fashion Flatlay

The Lifestyle/tell a story Flatlay

The Food Flatlay

The Workspace Flatlay

The Beauty Flatlay

The original challenge seemed like a great idea but I definitely found I improved quicker when I was just having some random fun with it all and trying flatlay’s I’d found and liked than having to stick to a list.


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