Behind the scenes – Aerial hoop

My first taste of any form of acrobatics and I loved it!

I’ve wanted to do an aerial hoop photoshoot for a while now but had issues finding a location or a model free at the same time or having the time myself, but now everything lined up just right and I was able to get moving with the shoot.

Chloe was the aerial hoop artist and she was very talented, able to do a range a poses and holding them for my slow trigger finger.

Make-up was provided by There she glows. She did a soft pink and purple themed flower fairy look.

The shoot was fun I just wish I hadn’t been so ill on the day, I was thankful to have my husbands help on the day or I don’t think I would have been able to do it.

Can’t wait to try more types of aerial acrobatic themed photoshoots in the future.


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