Behind the scenes – Candiland studio day

Group photo sessions, in the past I’ve only done one and it went fine if not without a couple of bumps but it did put me off hosting one or even being a part of one, until now.

I’d seen a few calls for photographers for Rogue model managements studio days but they were either on days I couldn’t do or were in places I couldn’t get to easily on public transport. I’m not saying Candiland was easy to get to but it was easier than some of the others.

So what did I get for my money?

four models

three outfits each

2 lighting set-ups

Over 5 hours

All of this was hosted by Candiland studio which was amazing. Outfits galore, multiple backdrops and an amazing set-up all easily controlled by a remote, which is now on my wishlist.

Don’t quote me on the lights used, I have a terrible memory.

So the set-up was ready to go when we got there, so lights and triggers weren’t needed, but what did I have to take and what if anything would I take next time?

Really apart from a few more business cards there wasn’t anything else I would have taken. My trusty 24-70mm was just right and changing lenses seemed UN-necessary and wasted precious time shooting.

Candiland studio –

Steve Candi –

Peter Butterworth –

Me –

John Livesey –

Rogue model management –

Velvet Noxx –

Valen Vain –

Lethal Gem –

Lady-Viper –

Honestly I had so much fun at this studio day, everyone was so nice, the set-up was fantastic, the models talented and the price was just right. I’ll definately be doing another studio day when I can maybe even see some of you at one in the future.

The only things I would have done differently is take some behind the scenes shots and set-up a go-pro in the corner but there’s always next time.


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