How I made a photo book from scratch

I decided to have a little fun and made a Photo book from scratch. I really want to create a collection of books at some point in my life and thought why not make a mini book as a laugh to keep me motivated.


Materials needed:

  1. Card – for the cover
  2. Printer
  3. Computer and Photoshop or similar software
  4. Staples
  5. Pin
  1. Decide on your size. I’m making a 7×5 book so it’s easier to carry.
  2. Decide on your layout. Use Photoshop for this.
    1. Make a new page set to A4, landscape, minimum 300dpi
    2. Use guides, Preferences > Guides, grids and slices, and set up your page spread, layout, margins etc.
    3. Place all images and text.
    4. Now save all your pages and name the files according to the spread, e.g. 2-3, 4-5

  3. Print. using good quality paper, print everything and remember to print it double sided unless you want a black side.
  4. Design the cover. depending how thick you’ve made your book or how you’ve chosen the bind your book you may have to design a spine as well, I’ve gone for true binding so I’ve designed a simple cover that will go around the whole book.
  5. Put everything together. I chose to staple bind my book just to keep it simple but for larger books true binding would be better with lots of tutorials on YouTube to help you.
    1. Fold all your pages in half and use a pair of scissors or a bone folder to really press that crease.
    2. Tap all your pages together in order and insert into the cover.
    3. Use a pin to press holes through the folds for the staples, if you have a long arm stapler you can just line everything up and staple them, then get a staple push it through and bend the prongs inwards.

Now you have a fun little finished book. I’ve handmade books before and really enjoy the process but this was my first printed book. The longest part of the process was the layout but I’m really glad I took my time to get it right, looks so nice.


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