Product Photography

These days product photography isn’t as easy as throwing an item on a white background and shoot, to stand out in the product photography world you have to get creative and actually think about the product and how best to show it off. Here are some things o think about when shooting products:

  • Don’t forget the details – the stitching, the way a product opens or closes, the little added extras that make it special
  • Show the product in use – have someone wearing the watch, actually put a framed print on the wall
  • If it’s in the description show – If something has been written about the product, if possible, photograph it. Customers want to see proof of these things.
  • Keep your lighting and backgrounds simple – You want the main focus to be on the product and most of the time no harsh lighting if your lighting changes the way the product looks in real life try again.

2 DIY Product Photography Setup

What You Need:
  1. Lighting – Natural, LED panels, studio heads with soft boxes
  2. A surface – A wooden table, slate tile

What you need:

  1. A computer or Laptop with suitable backgrounds
  2. PVC sheet
  1. Open a image and make it full screen, make sure your images are clear and large enough not to be pixelated.
  2. Put the PVC in front of the screen level with the bottom of the image, use some books or other items to do this.

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