Nix is primarily a portrait photographer but also shoots live music events and behind the scenes. She was born in Leicester where she studied photography at Leicester college but later moved up to Leeds with her husband in 2012, where her interest in photography became more than a business dream. Since that time she has been published in several magazines.

Over Nixie’s time in Leeds she has become more focused on tasteful nudes and wants to combine it with fine art photography .

Nix enjoys the work of Lara Jade, Nick Knight and Alexia Sinclaire, inspired by there use of lighting, props and colours. Nix enjoys experimenting with various lighting techniques and styles to create something different each time.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, whether its about any information on the website, a question about a shoot you have booked or if you’d like to
book one Nix is always happy to help.

Nix has been featured in several magazines as, Nixies Dream, since early 2016, including Cynical Fashion Magazine, Photoshoot magazine and Twisted Edge. Nixies work has also been featured in Neo with work done with Real Time Events.

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